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About Luke Salazar


Luke Salazar has been a licensed private investigator, repo man, database guru, tow truck operator, blog writer, and professional editor.  Not all at once, though.  He currently makes a living driving a 50,000 pound combination tractor-trailer while simultanously bottling his pent-up road rage.  Changing lanes when Luke is seen in your rearview mirror is highly recommended.

He is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach where he took an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis on Poetry.  For the record, he earned this degree and did not simply "take" it.
  His words can be found in such publications as Pearl, The Ledge, Chiron Review, Ambit (UK), Spot Lit Magazine, Rip Rap, San Pedro River Review, MEAT Magazine (UK), Carnival, and Beggars and Cheeseburgers.

His first full-length collection of poetry, California Burning, was released September 2012 by Aortic Press.  Luke has also dabbled in novel writing, short stories, songwriting, and has penned a full-length screenplay about the auto repossession industry called "Ruining Lives."  

Luke, his lovely wife Mia, and his ridiculously adorable daughter Zoe reside in Olympia, Washington, where they spend their days counting Subarus and "Feel the Bern" stickers, shopping at the food co-op, and staring at trees.

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